The smoke tube

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The Smoke Tube™ is a unique, lightweight, durable scent dispersal system designed for use with your favorite smoking scent stick.


It can be used to attract deer, elk, bear, moose, wild boar, predator or any game hunt by releasing smoke as an attractant or cover scent.


Simply light the scent stick, insert it into the tube holder, and hang The Smoke Tube™ from your tree stand or near your location.


The scent stick remains protected from the weather inside the tube and allows the smoke to spread into your area slowly and naturally.


We designed The Smoke Tube™ from our own personal experience while hunting because we are hunters just like you.


Light it, Lower it, and let the game come to you!

New, Improved and reduced in price!

What's new?

we are introducing new improvements to "The smoke tube".

  • Thicker buttons on the release cap for an easier grip

  • stronger legs on the release cap for a tighter hold

  • an improved, tiered, cone to hold various sizes of smoke sticks

  • a better snap center that is more durable


we have made improvements in our manufacturing process that allows us to pass the value on to our customers.  We have listened to you and confirmed the improvements with our field tests.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Thank you!

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