The smoke tube®

The smoke tube® (Pat. Pend.) is a unique, lightweight, durable, scent dispersal system designed to house your favorite smoking lure from adverse weather conditions during your hunt. Simply light your favorite smoking lure (a.k.a. "smoke sticks") , insert it into the tube, and hang The Smoke tube® from your favorite location or lower it from your tree stand.


Our initial design started from our own experience and personal use while hunting. We developed the product to protect our punks from all kinds of weather and we wanted to have the ability to swap them out very easily when extinguished.


If smoking lures​ are inserted directly into the ground, problems and dangers are potentially increased. 

A fire hazard from exposure to the bare elements is eliminated. No longer do you have to risk injury exiting the tree stand. No disruption of the quiet environment from any movement is risked.

The Smoke Tube® allows you to remain in the protected and hidden environment of your tree stand or your favorite perched location. Our patented design of the tube allows the punk to be protected and to burn slowly and naturally. We have found this to be a tremendous improvement over punks that are burning unprotected in your hunting location.

This is not your typical smoke tube.

Never leave your tree stand to light a punk again.

Light it, lower it, and let the game come to you!

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